Next generation
of enhanced beta indexes


Benchmark Research Indexes (BRI) seek to accomplish three primary objectives
Go to True Benchmark

True Benchmark

Provide a true benchmark for active alternative managers by taking the same risk and return profile. True alpha generating managers and strategies will be easier to quantify and identify, creating justifiably higher fee opportunities.

Go to Transparency


Demystify and quantify the risk/return constituents of alternative strategies by separating the beta component from the alpha, strategy by strategy, where beta exists.

Go to Efficiency


Provide investors with low cost, liquid, transparent and efficient access to the beta performance of recognized alternative strategies.

Benchmark Research Indexes


BRI Long/Short Equity Index

BRI Dynamic Value/Growth Index

BRI Quality SmallCap Index

BRI Equity Market Neutral

BRI Long/Short SmallCap Index

BRI Diversified Trend Index

BRI Diversified Carry Index

BRI Mean Reversion Index



Investable Indexes that Seek to Deliver the Same Risk/Return profile as Hedge Fund strategies
Efficiently Capture Alternative Beta Strategies

BRI strives to be intellectually honest, transparent and focused on quality. Our culture encourages empowerment, forward thinking, and constructive criticism; cultivated with the principles of integrity, humility and respect. We are committed to acting with equanimity and engaging in collaborative, open-minded relationships with our clients, our partners and our employees to create true value for all.

Build a family of investable passive alternative indexes that will be recognized as the industry standard for global investors. Each index will be low-cost, transparent, scalable and liquid; facilitate investors to reliably access alternative strategy beta; serve as authentic benchmarks against which to measure active alternative managers.

The alternative index business is evolving. The first two generations of alternative indexes focused on the performance ofhedge funds, either through aggregation or replication. The BRIndexes will be the next generation, mechanically producing the systematic risk of established alternative strategies. A globally recognized index provider will qualify and validate the methodology, issue a ticker symbol and publish pricing.

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