Navigating the Return of Volatility

BRI Global Market Neutral Index

February 2018 (MTD) Update

So far, the month of February has proven a difficult one for global equity markets. ThroughFriday, the S&P 500 Index was down 7.24% as volatility exploded to the upside causing losses for many active managers relying on a short-volatility bias as a preferred source of return (not to mention the catastrophic losses for short VIX-related exchange traded products).
The BRI Global Market Neutral Index (BRIGMN) seeks to isolate the compensated factor premium, on a market neutral basis, across global equity markets. The result is a long volatility profile with a negative correlation to global equities during drawdowns.
This has been especially true this month, with the BRIGMN Index up +0.35% the month (through Friday) while the MSCI All Country World Index was down -7.3%:
Unfortunately, many of the hedge strategies that investors have expected to demonstrate these characteristics in periods of market turbulence have failed to do so this month:
Equally of interest, the BRI Tail Risk Indicator had its first signal in over a year on Tuesday(pre-market) and remains moderately elevated:
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